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Welcome to my Simblr. Here you can find my available downloads of my sims and poses. I also have a section just of my edits as well. I do take sim requests so don't be shy! Everything else is just my love of sims and their quirky lives. Also fair warning I do on occasion post non-sims related things. But not often.

400 Follower Gift Part One: Cage Gibbins 

Traits: Schmoozer | Athletic | Absent -Minded | Party Animal | Workaholic 

LTW: All Star Athlete 

Favorites: Fried Banana Peanut Butter Sandwich | Electronica | Green

Cage does have default replacement eyes, if you are curious where you can find them let me know and I will hunt for the link. 

CC used on Cage can be found below: 

Skin:  Here (Sunny Version)

Facial Hair: Here

Eyebrows:  Here

Hair: Here

Expansion and Stuff Packs Used: 

Late Night

Diesel Stuff



Before downloading Cage please remember if you use him do give Credit where needed. Also feel free to tag CageGibbins, I’d love to see what he’s been up to in everyone’s game. If you have any issues what so ever with his download. Just contact me and I will be more then willing to upload a CC free version of him as well!